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First Street® is a pioneering political intelligence platform built to help you understand the relationships influencing policy and shape the course of action in Washington. Washington insiders rely on political intelligence networks - now you can too. Explore First Street to discover the relationships and connections that
can help you.
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First Street’s unique features and powerful benefits have been featured in high-profile newspapers and websites.

The Power of First Street

First Street Research Group uses First Street to highlight the relationships between influential players in Washington.

I work in government.

Know who is walking in the door.

I'm an academic.

Prepare your students. Access the data.

I work for a corporation.

Protect your bottom line.

I work in the media.

Find the whole story.

I am a lobbyist.

The landscape is volatile; First Street can help you navigate.

I work for an association.

Craft the influential message. Target the key audience.

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  • “Bottom Line The content: ten. The search interface: ten. The array and arrangement of data: ditto.” – Library Journal
  • "First Street not only allows users to see that representation of relationships among people and organizations, but enables them to create exportable contact lists and customized network maps, to identify and add contacts to their own networks, and generate full working histories of key contacts." – Outsell
  • "First Street lays bare every power player's past"
    - Fast Company
  • "It is a bit like a Facebook for lobbyists"- The New York Times
  • "a politically-minded LinkedIn.”- Mashable
  • "The service is a one-of-a-kind offering that is extremely valuable for campaigns and issue oriented groups." - The Opposition Research Training Blog
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What Users are Saying
  • "PRH Consulting Group, LLC and First Street by CQ Press make a top notch team in our fundraising and advocacy efforts. Our business has been searching for the edge on the competition. The ability of CQ Press and First Street to gather political intelligence gives PRH a deeper look at political relationships and has been instrumental in our firm’s growth."  - Pamela Hashem, President and CEO, PRH Consulting Group, LLC
  • “First Street proved an invaluable reporting tool for digging into the lawmakers and lobbyists who influenced policy in Washington.  Though lobbying reports, staff lists, campaign contributions and bills are all available in public databases, the fact that First Street provides access to all this information in one easy-to-use interface made our job of drawing connections between money and policy so much simpler." - Sean Mussenden, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, UMD
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First Street is powered by CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE Publications. CQ Press is the leading publisher of books, directories, and web products on American politics, government, elections, current events, and world affairs.With a growing focus on digital content and delivery, CQ Press products specialize in U.S. government information, legal affairs and global politics. Based in Washington, D.C., CQ Press is an imprint of SAGE, an international publisher of journals, books and electronic media for academic, educational and professional markets. Since 1965, SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers and students spanning a wide range of subject areas, including business, humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine. SAGE has offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington D.C


First Street™ consolidates vital Congressional, government and lobbying information from authoritative data sources giving users an unprecedented understanding and visualization of the relationships shaping policy. CQ Press derives such information from public sources believed by CQ Press to be reliable and accurate at the time of providing the information. Your use of the information will be subject to the Terms of Service. To report any errors, please e-mail us at /content.

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